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May 20th

8h30 – 9h00 – Registration

9h00 – 9h30 – Conference Opening

Welcome from WMNC 2014 Chairs. Welcome from IFIP-TC6 WG8 Chair, Jozef Wozniak. "Challenges from the regulator to the wireless research community", ICP-ANACOM, José Borrego  

9h30 – 10h30 – Keynote Talk:

Wireless MAC layer reconfigurability (from a software-defined networking perspective)
Giuseppe Bianchi, Full Professor of Telecommunications at the School of Engineering of the University of Roma Tor Vergata
Chair: Geert Heijenk
Room: Galé A

10h30 – 11h00 – Coffee break

11h00 – 13h00 – Session 1 – Energy Aware Networking

Chair: Rahim Kacimi 
Room: Galé A
Measuring Energy Consumption for RESTful Interactions in 3GPP IoT NodesTeemu Savolainen (Nokia, Finland); Nadir Javed (Tampere University of Technology, Finland); Bilhanan Silverajan (Tampere University of Technology, Finland)
Energy Savings in LTE Macro Base Stations
Anton Ambrosy (Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs, Germany); Oliver Blume (Alcatel-Lucent Bell Labs, Germany); Dieter Ferling (Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs, Germany); Patrick Jueschke (Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Labs, Germany); Michael Wilhelm (Alcatel-Lucent Deutschland AG, Germany); Xin Yu (Alcatel-Lucent, Bell Laboratories, Germany)
Energy Saving for Activity Recognition through Sensor Selection, Scheduling and Sampling Rate Tuning
Viet Nguyen (University of Oslo, Norway); Ellen Munthe-Kaas (University of Oslo, Norway); Thomas Plagemann (University of Oslo, Norway)
On detecting WLAN users communication attempts
Fatemeh Ganji (TU Berlin, Germany); Anatolij Zubow (Technische Universität Berlin, Germany); Łukasz Budzisz (Technical University of Berlin, Germany); Adam Wolisz (TUB, Germany)
Personalized Power Saving Profiles Generation Analyzing Smart Device Usage Patterns
Soumya Kanti Datta (EURECOM, France); Christian Bonnet (EURECOM, France); Navid Nikaein (Eurecom, France)

13h00 – 14h15 – Lunch

14h15 – 15h00 – Session 2 – Short papers

Chair: Ivan Stojmenovic 
Room: Galé A
Energy Consumption in Personal Mobile Devices Sensing Applications
Cristiano Pendão (University of Minho, Portugal); Adriano Moreira (University of Minho, Portugal); Helena Rodrigues (Universidade do Minho, Portugal)
An Energy-Efficient Wireless Routing Protocol for Distributed Structural Health Monitoring
Andreas Engel (TU Darmstadt, Germany); Andreas Koch (Darmstadt University of Technology, Germany)
Groo-Me: handling the dynamics of our sociality on mobile phone
Sabrina Gaito (University of Milan, Italy); Giovanni Manta (University of Milano, Italy); Christian Quadri (University of Milano, Italy); Gian Paolo Rossi (University of Milan, Italy); Matteo Zignani (University of Milano, Italy)
A Collaborative Tracking Algorithm for Communicating Target in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks
Ibtissem Boulanouar (LIGM - University Paris-Est, France); Stephane Lohier (University of Paris-Est, France); Abderrezak Rachedi (University Paris-Est Marne-la-Vallée, France); Gilles Roussel (Université Paris-Est, France)
From Routine To Better Network Services
Eduardo M. R. Oliveira (Ecole Polytechnique, France); Aline Carneiro Viana (INRIA, France)
Towards Evaluating Type of Service Related Quality-of-Experience on Mobile Networks
Christos Tsiaras (University of Zurich, Switzerland); Anuj Sehgal (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany); Sebastian Seeber (Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany); Daniel Dönni (University of Zurich, Switzerland); Burkhard Stiller (University of Zürich, Switzerland); Jürgen Schönwälder (Jacobs University Bremen, Germany); Gabi Dreo Rodosek (Universität der Bundeswehr München, Germany)
TargMoveS: An Optimized Sensor Scheduling Scheme based on target mobility variations
Ramzi Bellazreg (Communication Networks and Security Research Lab. SUP'COM, Tunisia); Noureddine A. Boudriga (University of Carthage, Tunisia)

15h00 – 16h00 – Poster session / Coffee break

Room: Galé B

16h00 – 18h00 – Session 3 – Wireless Sensor Networks and IoT

Chair: Thomas Kunz 
Room: Galé A
A Balanced Energy-Efficient Multihop Clustering Scheme for Wireless Sensor Network  
Lina Xu (University College Dublin, Ireland)
Efficient and Reliable MAC-Layer Broadcast for IEEE 802.15.4 Wireless Sensor Networks
Oana Iova (University of Strasbourg, France); Fabrice Theoleyre (CNRS - University of Strasbourg, France); Mengchuan Zou (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China); Jia-Liang Lu (Shanghai Jiao Tong University, P.R. China
Efficient Delay-aware Data Collection in mostly-off Wireless Sensor Networks
Rahim Kacimi (University of Toulouse, France); Zoubir Mammeri (Paul Sabatier University, France)
Hierarchical Configuration System for Wireless Mesh Networks in Manufacturing Industry
Bratislav Milic (Humboldt University Berlin, Germany); Samuel Brack (Humboldt-University of Berlin, Germany); Roman Naumann (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)

19h30 – Welcome Reception

May 21st

9h00 – 10h00 – Keynote Talk:

Visible Light Communication for Toys and the Internet-of-Things
Stefan Mangold, Senior research scientist at Disney Research in Zurich
Chair: Torsten Braun
Room: Galé A

10h00 – 10h30 – Coffee break

10h30 – 12h45 – Session 4 – Mobility

Chair: João Vilela
Room: Galé A
Content Distribution in Delay-Tolerant Networks using Social Context
Roy Cabaniss (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA); Sanjay Madria (Missouri University of Science and Technology, USA
Mobile Network Traffic: a User Behaviour Model
Ilias Tsompanidis (University College Cork, Ireland); Ahmed H. Zahran (Nile University, Egypt); Cormac J. Sreenan (University College Cork, Ireland)
Impact of Information Availability on Starvation Mitigation and Delay Minimal Delivery in ICRCNs
Ribal Atallah (Concordia University, Canada); Wissam Fawaz (LAU, Lebanon)
Impact of Ping-Pong Events on Connectivity Properties of Node Encounters
Karim Keramat Jahromi (University of Minho, Portugal); Filipe Meneses (University of Minho, Portugal); Adriano Moreira (University of Minho, Portugal)
Peer my Proxy - A Performance Study of Peering Extensions for Multicast in Proxy Mobile IP Domains
Thomas C. Schmidt (Hamburg University of Applied Sciences, Germany); Sebastian Wölke (HAW Hamburg, Germany); Matthias Wählisch (Freie Universität Berlin, Germany)
Prevention of Collisions Among Two Wireless Personal Area Networks
Youssef Iraqi (Khalifa University, UAE); Tajje-eddine Rachidi (Alakhawayn University in Morocco, Morocco); Peng-Yong Kong (Khalifa University of Science, Technology & Research, UAE)

12h45 – 14h00 – Lunch

14h00 – 15h15 – Session 5 – Short papers

Chair: Sanjay Madria
Room: Galé A
A Reinforcement Learning-based Routing Scheme for Cognitive Radio Ad Hoc Networks
Hasan A. A. Al-Rawi (Sunway University, Malaysia); Kok-Lim Alvin Yau (Sunway University, Malaysia); Hafizal Mohamad (MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia); Nordin Ramli (MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia); Wahidah Hashim (MIMOS Berhad, Malaysia)
Scalable Hierarchical Rings based Routing to a Mobile Robot in Wireless Sensor Networks
Dandan Liu (Wuhan University, P.R. China); Ivan Stojmenovic (University of Ottawa, Canada)
An Enhanced Gauss-Markov Mobility Model for Simulations of Unmanned Aerial Ad hoc Networks
Jean-Daniel Medjo Me Biomo (Carleton University, Canada); Thomas Kunz (Carleton University, Canada); Marc St-Hilaire (Carleton University, Canada)
Outlier Detection in 802.11 Wireless Access Points Using Hidden Markov Models
Anisa Allahdadi (Faculty of Engineering University of Porto and INESC TEC, Portugal); Ricardo Morla (University of Porto, Portugal); Jaime Cardoso (Faculty of Engineering and INESC TEC, Portugal)
A Cloud-based Outdoor Assistive Navigation System for the Blind and Visually Impaired
Anna N. Lapyko, Li-Ping Tung, Bao-Shuh Paul Lin (National Chiao Tung University, Taiwan)
Prevention against threats to self co-existence - a Novel Authentication Protocol for CRNs
Ghazanfar A. Safdar (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom); Salah Albermany (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom); Nauman Aslam (School of Computing, United Kingdom); Ali Mansour (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom); Gregory Epiphaniou (University of Bedfordshire, United Kingdom)

15h15 – 16h15 – Poster session / Coffee break

Room: Galé B

16h15 – 18h00 – Session 6 – Routing and Signalling

Chair: Joanna Tomasik 
Room: Galé A
Improving the Network Lifetime with Energy-Balancing Routing: Application to RPL
Oana Iova (University of Strasbourg, France); Fabrice Theoleyre (CNRS - University of Strasbourg, France); Thomas Noel (University of Strasbourg, France)
Routing in Unmanned Aerial Ad hoc Networks: Introducing a Route Reliability Criterion
Jean-Daniel Medjo Me Biomo (Carleton University, Canada); Thomas Kunz (Carleton University, Canada); Marc St-Hilaire (Carleton University, Canada)
Scalability of bloom filter based routing for large scale mobile networks
Joao Trindade (INESC-ID/Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal); Ricardo Lopes Pereira (INESC-ID/Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal); Teresa Vazão (Inesc-ID/Instituto Superior Técnico, Portugal)
CAOR: Context-aware Adaptive Opportunistic Routing in Mobile Ad-hoc Networks
Zhongliang Zhao (University of Bern, Switzerland); Torsten Ingo Braun (University of Bern, Switzerland); Denis Lima Rosário (Federal University of Para, Brazil); Eduardo Cerqueira (Federal University of Para & UCLA, Brazil)
Reducing Signaling Overhead by Overlapping Tracking Area List in LTE
Sara Modarres Razavi (Linköping University, Sweden); Di Yuan (Linköping University, Sweden)

19h30 – Gala Dinner

May 22nd

9h00 – 10h00 – Keynote Talk:

A Perspective of the Networks of the Future and their Application to Smart Cities
Luis M Correia, Professor at the University of Lisbon and senior researcher at INOV-INESC Institute
Chair: Marilia Curado
Room: Galé A

10h00 – 10h30 – Coffee break

10h30 – 12h45 – Session 7 – Wireless and security

Chair: Adriano Moreira
Room: Galé A
TDOA for Narrow-band Signal with Low Sampling Rate and Imperfect Synchronization
Zan Li (University of Bern, Switzerland); Desislava Dimitrova (University of Bern, Switzerland); David Hawes Raluy (Politechnical University of Catalonia (UPC), Spain); Torsten Ingo Braun (University of Bern, Switzerland)
A Characterization of Uncoordinated Frequency Hopping for Wireless Secrecy
João Sousa (University of Coimbra, Portugal); Joao P. Vilela (University of Coimbra, Portugal)
A Distributed Paging Mechanism over the X2 Interface for All-Wireless Networks of Small Cells
Jaime Ferragut (Centre Tecnòlogic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya, Spain); Josep Mangues-Bafalluy (Centre Tecnològic de Telecomunicacions de Catalunya (CTTC), Spain)
Fingerprint-based Location Tracking with Hodrick-Prescott Filtering
Duc A. Tran (University of Massachusetts Boston, USA); Ting Zhang (University of Massachusetts, USA)
Frequency Reuse with Incomplete Information in a Novel Generation of PMR Networks
Alexis Lamiable (Supélec, France); Joanna Tomasik (Supélec, France)
REST-Net: A dynamic rule-based IDS for VANETs
Andreas Tomandl (University of Hamburg, Germany); Karl-Peter Fuchs (University of Hamburg, Germany); Hannes Federrath (University of Hamburg, Germany)

12h45 – 13h00 – Closing Session

13h00 – 14h15 – Lunch

University of Coimbra
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